Tenda AC15 Dual-Band AC1900 Gigabit WiFi Router Review

Final Thoughts


At the time of writing, the Tenda AC15 Smart Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router can be yours for just $87.60 at NewEgg, £71.14 at ILGS, or €84.59 through Geizhals.


Let us start by talking about the performance right away, because there is a reason to do so. The Tenda AC15 Smart Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router delivered an amazing performance, especially when you consider the price which is easily half of other AC1900 routers. Getting an AC1900 router for around £70 pounds is an amazing deal.

Feature wise the Tenda AC15 covers all the basics, but the operating system and user interface isn’t the best you’ll meet. It is still a big step up from previous versions and I’m sure there will be plenty of upgrades and improvements in the future. The router isn’t officially WRT certified, but looking at the hardware itself, it should be compatible. If a Tomato or WRT firmware should be released for this router, then it will be the new go-to device everywhere.

With dual-band wireless connectivity, gigabit ethernet with IPTV support, and USB 3.0, the AC15 covers all the bases. The three external antennas provide a great coverage despite only being 3dBa antennas, and sadly they aren’t easily replaceable. This is in part thanks to the built-in amplifiers and the beamforming technology.

A healthy E-life is something else that the Tenda AC15 considers and it comes with automatic LED and power scheduling, power saving modes, and signal strength adjustments.


  • Great performance
  • Unbeatable price
  • Simple setup
  • AC1900 WiFi and Gigabit LAN
  • USB 3.0 sharing for files, DLNA streaming, and printers


  • User interface needs some work
  • Fixed antenna mounts


  • Design is a matter of choice, some will like it, others won’t

“Tenda’s AC15 smart dual-band gigabit WiFi router provides an amazing performance that will beat your budget expectations. Game, stream, and surf lag-free and uninterrupted.”

Tenda AC15 Dual-Band AC1900 Gigabit WiFi Router Review

Thank you Tenda for providing us with this review sample