Tech Influence In Abandoned Shopping Malls

This may not be the typical tech story, but this links into a potential disaster which is sweeping the colossal shopping malls of the US.

Many years ago shopping malls were the quintessential symbol and a church to the excesses of consumerism. These glorified shopping centres stretched out over much square footage with the aim of offering consumers just about anything under one roof. But over the years, consumers have found it much easier to point and click on an item they wish to purchase online before having it delivered to their door.

The decline of shopping malls has been chronicled by a photographer by the name of Seth Lawless who has written a book entitled “Black Friday” This excellent photographer has included images which he has taken of abandoned shopping malls in the Rust Belt states of Ohio and Michigan. As the image below demonstrates, the desolate shopping malls are akin to games such as Bioshock and Fallout.

That same shopping mall has also been snapped in the midst of winter; the image looks beautiful but obviously answers the question of the stability of the roof. Shopping malls for me will be extinct in time to come, as consumers, we have become accustomed to the simplicity which shopping has become, why would we plod around a mall for four hours while looking for the same thing. The Internet is becoming bigger and bigger but those same items which are available in the real world are shrinking.

Images Courtesy of CNN Money, Seth Lawless and pinterest

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