TeamGroup Reveals Dark Pro DDR4 Memory

TeamGroup has just revealed a brand new generation of high-end DDR4 memory designed specifically with gaming and overclocking in mind. The Dark Pro series is aimed specifically at gamers who are well aware of the importance of high-frequency memory when it comes to achieving the highest framerates in games. Available in three different versions, TeamGroup’s Dark Pro DDR4 memory features frequencies of 3,000 MHz 3,200 MHz or 3,333  MHz. It’s also worth noting that TeamGroup is offering these products as a part of 4GBx2 dual channel kits and 8GBx2 kits for those of you who want a future-proof gaming rig.

As far as looks are concerned, the memory modules are covered with reinforced aluminum heat spreaders that feature a punched dots design concept. The heat spreaders not only improve aesthetics but also have a key role to play in heat dissipation, particularly if the user decides to give overclocking a try. Apart from the Dark Pro series, TeamGroup is also lining up its Team Xtreem, Vulcan, Zeus and Dark overclocking series, all of which are compatible with Intel’s Skylake processors. Below you will find a complete list of specifications for the new Dark Pro series.

What do you think about TeamGroup‘s latest DDR4 offering?