Team Group Launches World’s First DDR4 16GB Overclocking Module

TeamGroup Inc. announced the latest DDR4 2666 64GB Kit (4x16GB) overclocking memory, the first single 16GB overclocking DRAM module in the world. The latest DDR4 2666 64GB kit will be introduced in two different product series and four different colours to satisfy the variety of users’ needs.

Team Dark Series as seen above use the specifically designed large heat spreader that is capable of providing the best cooling efficiency and outstanding performance for overclockers. The Team Vulcan series remains at standard module dimensions to ensure compatibility with the broadest range of hardware and prevent interference with CPU coolers or larger VRMs.

Besides the new DDR4 2666 64GB Kits, Team Group will offer other types at the same, all available as 4, 8 or 16 GB modules in four-packs. The DDR4 2666 has a CL16 while the DDR4 2800 and 3000 come with a CL16. All new modules will use Aluminium heat-spreaders and are built on an 8-layer PCB.

Thanks to Team Group for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Team Group