Target Open Day 2013 – Show Floor & Cooler Master HAF Bike

While there may be a lot of serious business talk going on here today, involving many of the UK’s major retailers and distributors, there has still been room for a little fun.

The most notable bit of action came when Cooler Master took their HAF Bike out for a spin, this is a fully equipped PC system, with water cooler, graphics card and all the other normal bits. Of course not many PC cases have an extra chassis and a two stroke petrol engine, it’s noisy, it’s dirty and it’s crazy dangerous, but Cooler Master didn’t want the crowd to go home disappointed.

Unfortunately we missed out on getting some video due to my lack of bringing my good memory card, but we can still enjoy some great action shots.

That raps it up for today at Target Open Day 2013, enjoy the rest of the gallery and let us know in the comments what you thought of the HAF bike.