Target Open Day 2013 – Cooler Master Booth

eTeknix are here today at the Target Components Open Day, for those of you who don’t know who Target are, they are a UK based distributor of PC hardware, and while this is typically a B2B event, we couldn’t resist getting down here to see if there were any cool products on show, we were not disappointed.

We kick things off with the Cooler Master booth and while we’ve seen many of these products before, we also caught a really good look at something a little special, the Cosmos SE! So stay tuned for an article on that later today.

Cooler Master have many of their favourite products on show, including the just released Aluminum peripherals that we expect to have in for review in the very near future, so keep an eye out for these as they are truly awesome.

They’re running a great “pimp my shop” promotion where one retailer can walk away with £1600 worth of products today, CM will even load it in to the car for them, isn’t that nice of them?

They’re also the most popular booth here today and it seems not one person is without a Cooler Master bag, t-shirt and other freebies.

On display we have their popular coolers such as the M4 and T2, as well as a range of JetFlow fans.

All their latest cases are on show too, as well as the cheeky Cosmos SE in the middle.

The HAF bike mod is here too, not only does this system work as a PC, but you can put some petrol in and take it out for a spin! Although they wouldn’t let me have a go today, maybe a few drinks will persuade them…

Also ondisplay we have their aluminum bumper, U2 plus and a few of their PSU products.

The N20o was on display, which as you may know recently won our Editor Choice award, and then we have the budget friendly N400 on the left.

A new one to us is the N600, we haven’t reviewed this one yet, but it is pretty much just a bigger edition that mixes features of the N200 and N400 together.

The Silencio 650 and Scout 2 Advanced are big sellers for Cooler Master, I bet at least one of your reading this is using the Scout or Scout 2 for your system.

The Aluminum range is proving a big hit and getting a lot of attention, the new headset features removable aluminum panels that can then be customised, painted and modded to your desire.

The Keyboard also features a removable aluminum panel, this is going to be a modders dream come true, expect an indepth review in the coming weeks.

Finally we have the Aluminum Reaper mouse, not as big a panel as the keyboard, but still fully removable and customisable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at what Cooler Master have to offer and well be bringing you a few more articles through the day on what we have on offer here at the show.