Take-Two Dispatches Private Investigators to GTA V Modder’s Address

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Grand Theft Auto Online is a fan project which has taken more than two years of development to make and provides a wonderful multiplayer experience. Sadly, Take-Two and Rockstar didn’t take kindly to the mod and demanded its closure. The mod’s official website contains a statement which reads:

“Take2 Interactive Inc. have contacted us and they asked us to stop GTA:Multiplayer, because from Take2’s point of view GTA:MP is a rival of their business. Grand Theft Auto and all its content is produced by Rockstar Games Inc. and published and owned by Take2 Interactive Inc. We, as developers, respect other developer’s intellectual property and their legitimate interests. Rockstar’s developers have invested so much time to create this beautiful game. We have repeatedly stated our position: We are not going to cross this line, we won’t damage them. “

You have to give the modding team credit for adopting such an understanding attitude. Sadly, it appears Take-Two has massively overstepped the mark and sent private investigators to the modder’s home. The modder said in a Reddit post:

“I just got a pair of PIs at my door claiming to be sent by Take-Two,”

“handing me a phone with a person somewhere in the UK or US or whatever to ‘discuss how to cease my activities with regard to Grand Theft Auto’, that ‘they know what happened before with Activision and want to not get the lawyers involved at this time’, however they ‘have tested their legal standing already and are quite certain of their point’ and ‘aren’t willing to accept any solution other than ceasing my activities’.

This shows a complete lack of respect for the modder’s work, despite his genuine admiration for Grand Theft Auto V. Publishers need to learn that the modding community extends the life of video games and keeps people interested. It also allows people to be creative and get into game development. Honestly, this is disgraceful and Take-Two’s reputation will undoubtedly suffer.

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2 Comments on Take-Two Dispatches Private Investigators to GTA V Modder’s Address

  • Avatar Dan d says:

    game publisher can’t take a little competition and desires monopoly…
    so whats next? they send the mob and put a price on your head?

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