Tablets Vs. Desktop Which Is Better?

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Tablet, Palm Pilot, Netbooks over the years we have had many different technologies released and we see them improve as time moves forward. Over the years people have purchased PCs that may have been more powerful as they needed, the more we use technology we realize more of what we need, some of us are able to use a simple smart phone in order to conduct our day to day lives, while others need to have a tablet. Some of us really don’t need to have a desktop PC or even a laptop, using our electronics to check our email, or perhaps only checking our email. While others might be using their computers for work or personal use.

For some it may be a convenience factor, others it is may be a necessity.  As a general rule of thumb I feel that a computer will last a user anywhere between 3 and 5 years causing many to not have a real need to upgrade frequently, while in the tablet world there is always the new coming in, being newer and better than the last. For example, Apple’s iPad has only been around for a little over 3 years first released April 3, 2010. Very little has changed since the iPad’s first release, but every time a new one comes out, people rush for that upgrade. Tablets are like cellphones everyone wants the newest and the best. While with computers, users only need to upgrade when it gets to be to slow for their needs or it breaks down and would cost to much to repair.

Some numbers for you: 363 million PCs shipped in 2011, 349 million in 2012, only 321.9 million units are predicted for 2013 which is another substantial drop.

Do you feel that PCs are on their death bed, or are they going to recover. Perhaps people are just repairing what they have, or building their own computers. Will tablets take over the world? I guess we will just need to wait and see.


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4 Comments on Tablets Vs. Desktop Which Is Better?

  • Avatar Mark says:

    AS small portable devices that bring the computer with you everywhere in your pocket, the less determined to make something awesome that represents them will go with less customizable tablets that will in the end just need to be replaced for the next best thing, While Builders,Gamers, and modders will always be doing something on a computer to make it represent them in ways a tablet will not let them… Desktops will decrease i Believe, nut tablets will never truly own the market imho.

    in the past few years from what i can tell Builders, and modders are branching out to great extents because they learned that buying retail is a over-investment when your paying $200-$500 for the building of the computer when you could just save that money and do it yourself, also dealing with big company RMA can sometimes be so much of a hassle that a custom build would ultimately be worth more even if it might cost more.

    This is all jsut in my own opinion.

  • Avatar amgvilloria says:

    PC will never die!!
    Smaller, bigger, black, white, grey… but never die.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    The PC dying debate has been raging for a long time now. The fact of the matter is the PC (as we know it) is not dying, it isn’t even a critical condition yet. OEM’s are over reacting because they are not selling as many systems as they used to. People are supplementing their desktop PC’s with tablets and smartphones and it makes absolute sense.
    It’s also true that you don’t have to upgrade or replace your desktop system every time Intel & AMD release a new processor or nVidia releases a new 3d card (but don’t tell them I said that).
    Companies Like HP& Dell are always crying about slow Desktop & laptop sales and that’s because they were slow to jump on the ultra portable device bandwagon, they were sitting in their comfort zone quite content to rake in profits from desktop & notebook sales and were caught with their pants down at their ankles when tablet & smartphone sales exploded.
    The goalposts have shifted & they’re blaming everything apart from themselves but the fact remains they now face their situation they face because of their complacency.
    The hi-tech world is an ever evolving dynamic giant and if they can’t keep up they shouldn’t be in the game
    The good old fashioned desktop will be around for a while yet, but not selling in droves like it used to.

  • Avatar ET3D says:

    It’s not really “tablet vs. desktop”. Desktop has been declining for years as most people realised that laptops provide for their needs in a smaller and more portable form factor. Tablets, they’re still a different game. They’re not replacing PC’s as much as people just don’t need to replace PC’s so much, and do want to replace tablets. Tablets are a growth market, PC’s aren’t.

    Can tablets take over part of the PC market? That depends how they develop, and how we defined “PC”. Are Windows tablets PC’s or are they tablets? Are ARM Windows tablets PC’s? If we limit ourselves to “PC” being laptops, desktop and all-in-ones, then the only way tablets can supplant them is by being hooked up to monitors and keyboards. That could happen, but it probably won’t be as convenient as a laptop if you intend to lag that around, but may be more convenient if you’re at home.

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