Synology Teams up with ioSafe to Create Disaster Resistant Storage Solution

Disasters can strike anywhere at any time and that is something everyone has to take into consideration about their data, but especially small businesses and medium businesses that don’t have the financial backup to recover from unforeseen events. There is the option of onsite back, offsite back the manual way with portable drives or offsite backup via the internet. But these aren’t always optimal solutions. bad internet connections are common everywhere

But these conventional methods aren’t always optimal solutions. Bad internet connections are common everywhere in the world and transferring huge amount of data simply isn’t possible before it’s outdated and needs to be replaced again. Manual offsite backup requires man power and hours which isn’t always an option either and onsite backup will suffer the same consequences in case of a disaster.

Synology has teamed up with ioSafe to create the ioSafe 1515+ Private Disaster Recovery NAS designed to meet just these situations with a fire and water resistant device. The new NAS is powered by Synology’s award-winning operating system and protected by ioSafe’s technologies.

The PDR NAS can protect your drives in fires up to 1550°F/843°C for 30 minutes. An average fire produces less heat than that and it rarely peaks above 705°C  for more than 10minutes. Another risk is flooding as our weather gets more and more extreme all around the world. The PDR NAS also protects your data in these cases and can withstand a water immersion of up to 3.1 meters for up to 3 days. Of course, this also protects against water damage from fire extinguishers and similar equipment in case of the fires.

Pricing depends on pre-configuration setup, but the whole thing starts at $1,999.99 as diskless unit. Available capacities go all the way up to 90TB, but prices on those are only available on request.

Thanks to Synology for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of ioSafe