Synology Router RT1900ac High-Speed Wireless Router Review

Operating System & Specifications


Login and Dashboard

The SRM 1.0 login screen resembles the one we know from Synology’s NAS powered by DSM quite a bit. The login screen instantly tells us the device local time and date too.

Once logged in, we once again see something very similar to what we know from Synology’s NAS line-up. A dashboard with a taskbar at the top containing a start button to left and system, status, and search functions to the right.

The Network Center is the heart of the operation and it could also have been called Control Panel. More features can be installed through the Package Center and SRM Help provides instant in-app help.

There are a few more items in the start menu and you can simply drag and drop them onto the dashboard for quicker access.


The specifications are taken directly from the manufacturer and might as such be subject to future changes, revisions, and modifications.