Synology Router RT1900ac High-Speed Wireless Router Review

Final Thoughts


I couldn’t find the Synology RT1900ac listed for US purchase at the time of writing, but that should change very shortly. British readers can find the RT1900ac at Amazon for £155.45 plus shipping and German readers can find a deal starting from €151.01 through Geizhals.


Synology’s first router can without a doubt be called a success right away. It looks great and offers a versatility in position options from flat over vertical to wall mounting. The simple black design will look great anywhere and there is no shortage on great hardware features either. You get four LAN and one WAN Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as a great wireless AC1900 connectivity. Further Synology added a USB 3.0 port and an SD card slot for extra connectivity options with the bonus of a hardware eject button for said same.

The three MIMO antennas use beam forming technology to strengthen the already top of the line AC1900 signal, making sure that you got coverage in your entire home. You can also replace the antennas with aftermarket versions if you need even more performance. We saw a good performance in our benchmarks with results that should be right on par.

The operating system is probably one of the nicest ever made for routers and I quite like it. Not only does it remind a lot of Synology’s NAS operating system, it is easy to use for novice and advanced users alike. Plenty of features and access to the synology package center make it a solid choice that also comes are a very fair price for an AC1900 router.

The only thing that was a bit surprising, considering Synology’s storage systems. was that they chose to only add one USB port next to the SD card slot as storage options; maybe the next version will have more storage options.


  • AC1900 dual-band
  • Good and powerful antennas
  • USB 3.0 and SD Card slot
  • Multiple mount and setup options
  • Awesome operating system
  • Good price


  • Only one USB port
  • Limited availability at the time of writing

“Synology’s first entry into the world of routers with the RT1900ac is without a doubt a huge success. Great hardware coupled with great software make it a sure winner that’s affordable at the same time.”

Synology Router RT1900ac High-Speed Wireless Router Review

Thank you Synology for providing us with this review sample