Synology DS214Play 2-bay NAS Review

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Directory Copy From NAS

In the same way that the file copy from NAS traces the same file back across to the test system, the directory copy from NAS does exactly the same but to the entire directory that it copied across previously.


Article Index

  1. Introduction
  2. A Closer Look
  3. NAS Features
  4. Synology GUI
  5. Testing Method
  6. HD Video Playback
  7. 2x HD Video Playback
  8. 4x HD Video Playback
  9. HD Video Record
  10. HD Playback & Record
  11. Content Creation
  12. Office Productivity
  13. File Copy to NAS
  14. File Copy from NAS
  15. Directory Copy to NAS
  16. Directory Copy from NAS
  17. Photo Album
  18. Final Thoughts
  19. View All

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5 Comments on Synology DS214Play 2-bay NAS Review

  • Avatar says:

    I would like to reverse the fan of my DS214play, since the fan blowing into the case would enable the placement of a dust filter behind it. With the larger DiskStations accessing the fans seems to be quite easy, but for the DS214play I am not really sure in which direction to push or pull the removable case part without braking the small plastic crooks holding both sides together, i.e how to get from picture 4 to picture 5 in this gallery. Any help appreciated. thank’s!

  • Avatar Guest says:

    Hello, you can get in touch with Synology technical support advisers here: – they will be able to assist you 🙂

  • Avatar Jim says:

    Hi, what does the horizontal scale represent? its not clear.

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