Synology DiskStation DS216play 2-Bay Multimedia-Optimized NAS Review

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Setup – There is more, Add-Ons & External Devices


Synology packed the DS216play with quite a few good security features. There are the basics such as logout timer and protection from cross-site request forgery.

Synology_DS216play-SS-security 1

A basic firewall is included that like the previous functions also can access the installed apps and set rules based on that next to the manual way.

Synology_DS216play-SS-security 2

A basic denial of service protection is also included.

Synology_DS216play-SS-security 3

Auto block is a simple security measurement that in its simplicity blocks someone when they failed to enter the correct credentials a number of times you’ve specified.

Synology_DS216play-SS-security 4

By default, the DS216play has a self-signed SSL certificate and you can of course replace that with your own should you wish to do so.

Synology_DS216play-SS-security 5

Information Center

The information center provides all the hardware inforamtion on your NAS along with its health.

Synology_DS216play-SS-info 1

Synology_DS216play-SS-info 2

Synology_DS216play-SS-info 3

Synology_DS216play-SS-info 4

External Devices, Hardware, and Power Settings

The external devices can be accessed through the button on the top task bar or the control panel. Printers and storage devices each has their own page and settings.

Synology_DS216play-SS-external devices

You can control quite a few things on the hardware and power page, among them the transcoding settings that this NAS supports.

Synology_DS216play-SS-hardware and power 1

The HDD hibernation page is another thing you might want to take a look at. The default is set to 30 minutes for internal and no timeout for external drives.

Synology_DS216play-SS-hardware and power 2

There is still a little more

The Media Indexing page in the control panel is hiding the media indexing, conversion settings for thumbails, and folder indexing settings.

Synology_DS216play-SS-media index

And the Synology DS216play naturally also supports all sorts of notifications from email to SMS and push service on connected mobile devices.


Package Center

The package center is where you will find new apps with more function and added features and services for your NAS. There are several different groupings that make it easier to find what you are looking for, but you can also view them all at once. This is also where you are able to update already installed apps when a new version becomes available.

Synology_DS216play-SS-apps 1

Synology_DS216play-SS-apps 2

Synology_DS216play-SS-apps 3

Article Index

  1. Introduction
  2. A closer look
  3. System Specifications, Features & Power Consumption
  4. Setup - Initialization & Storage
  5. Setup - Users, Services & Files
  6. Setup - There is more, Add-Ons & External Devices
  7. Testing Method
  8. HD Video Playback
  9. 2x HD Video Playback
  10. 4x HD Video Playback
  11. HD Video Record
  12. HD Playback & Record
  13. Content Creation
  14. Office Productivity
  15. File Copy to NAS
  16. File Copy from NAS
  17. Directory Copy to NAS
  18. Directory Copy from NAS
  19. Photo Album
  20. Average Throughput
  21. Encryption
  22. Available File Formats and iSCSI
  23. Final Thoughts
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