Synology DiskStation DS216play 2-Bay Multimedia-Optimized NAS Review

System Specifications, Features & Power Consumption

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications


Synology’s DSM operating system has a very fresh welcome and login screen. It will display the given server name in the middle and show the server’s time and date in the top corner.

You can also customize the login screen to your liking. Change the colours and upload your own background images.


The dashboard is one of the best on the NAS market. It reminds a lot more about a full desktop based operating system than a web interface. You have a taskbar with start button at the top, to speak in windows terms, and a desktop that you can drop links to functions and features onto. You can multi-task in it, minimize, and maximize windows. DSM also supports overlay widgets.

Power Consumption

The chart contains the actual power consumption measured at the PSU connection and while loaded with a maximum amount of drives. Peak, or maximum, power draw will occur during boot times.