Synology DiskStation DS216play 2-Bay Multimedia-Optimized NAS Review

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A closer look


One of the first thing we notice after opening up the DS216play is that the drive mounts are padded, both on the small arms holding the drives and for the screws. This is a really nice touch that absorbs drive vibrations and thereby both reduce the amount of noise the NAS generates and improves the drives lifespan.


The top drive is connected through a simple PCIe x1 to SATA bridge which doesn’t contain much besides the SATA connector itself.

Synology_DS216play-Photo-sata bridge

The motherboard doesn’t have many third party onboard features as most is handled by the CPU itself. The top side features the LAN and USB rear connectors as well as the PCIe connector for the second drive and an onboard SATA connection for the bottom drive.

Synology_DS216play-Photo-pcb top

The rear of the motherboard has the CPU itself with a soldered-on heatsink. Next to it are two 512MB DDR3 RAM chips.

Synology_DS216play-Photo-pcb bottom

The two RAM chips come from SK Hynix.


And the Gigabit Ethernet connection is provided by a Realtek RTL8211E controller.

Synology_DS216play-Photo-chip lan

Below are a few more close-ups on the reset button and connection ports.

Synology_DS216play-Photo-pcb reset

Synology_DS216play-Photo-pcb usb and lan

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  1. Introduction
  2. A closer look
  3. System Specifications, Features & Power Consumption
  4. Setup - Initialization & Storage
  5. Setup - Users, Services & Files
  6. Setup - There is more, Add-Ons & External Devices
  7. Testing Method
  8. HD Video Playback
  9. 2x HD Video Playback
  10. 4x HD Video Playback
  11. HD Video Record
  12. HD Playback & Record
  13. Content Creation
  14. Office Productivity
  15. File Copy to NAS
  16. File Copy from NAS
  17. Directory Copy to NAS
  18. Directory Copy from NAS
  19. Photo Album
  20. Average Throughput
  21. Encryption
  22. Available File Formats and iSCSI
  23. Final Thoughts
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