Synology Compact DS414Slim NAS Announced

Synology’s DiskStation NAS products are once of the more popular options out there on the market today and as the demand for systems goes up exponentially, there is a growing demand for systems that cover smaller and smaller desktop footprints. To keep up with this demand, Synology have today announced their latest consumer targeted system that is built on their latest DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.0 operating system, the DS414Slim. As the name suggests, the DS414Slim is a compact 4-bay solution that works solely with 2.5″ drives, offering up the RAID5 security that a full-sized 3.5″ set of drives would offer, but in a form factor that only takes up around two-thirds that of the DS414j for example.

Powered by a Marvell Armada FPU, the Slim offers 512MB of RAM – twice that of its predecessor, with support for the latest 1.5TB 2.5″ drives, giving a total RAW capacity of 6TB when running in JBOD or RAID0 modes. Connectivity wise we find dual USB3.0 ports and dual-LAN for link aggregated connections as well as all the software features and add-ons that we would find on any other Synology product.

Thadd Well, a PR Manager for Synology’s North America Division spoke out about the system stating, “The DS414slim is really an impressive piece of tech. From the offset, you wouldn’t believe such a small device was actually a server. With DSM 5.0 to bring its components to life, the slim is a fantastic solution for businesses, creative teams, and home enthusiasts looking for compact network attached storage.”

Pricing is set to start at around $299 in the US and around £229 inc VAT in the UK and as samples start to ship out, I’ll be taking a closer look at how the Slim performs in comparison to its full-weight brothers in the coming weeks.

Source and Image courtesy of Synology UK