SyFy Labs Showcase Latest Technologies @ CES 2016

CES 2016: The show floor here at CES is absolutely packed with cool technology, but one that caught my eye was the SyFy Labs booth. It’s what they call their innovation lab, where they’re using all kinds of high-end and modern technology to inspire them to deliver the latest content. We’ve got VR headsets, allowing you to explore a demo called “expanse”, a virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear VR, where users can explore spacecraft and settings from the TV show in 3D.

It’s a cool demo and it’s clear how this could be a great tool for show makers to really get into the mindset of their locations in sci-fi TV and movies, especially given the level of greenscreen work.

Next up we’ve got 3D printing from MakerBot, while this is a great tool for making props and other cool things, you can actually download models of ships, props, logos and more from the shows and download them to print yourself!

Joining forces with Philips Hue, Syfy Sync can enable your home RGB lighting to run on a “lighting track”, allowing the 2016 season of The Expanse to give you an even more immersive home cinema experience.

It’s great to see TV show producers really thinking outside of the box to make their shows more immeresive, and I may have to go buy some RGB Hue bulbs now just to try out the lighting track feature.