Swiftech announces the KOMODO-HD7970 full cover VGA water block

Swiftech, the American manufacturer of liquid cooling solution, and Bacata, the European distributor, have announced the immediate availability of the KOMODO-HD7970 full cover VGA water block, as well as CrossFireX series bridges.

Covering the entire PCB, Swiftech’s water block cools all the critical components on the card including GPU, memory and power mosfets. Thanks to the cooling provided, overclocking now operates with higher stability and reliability. The housing material is of black POM acetal, the base plate and VR is made of chrome plated C110 copper while the back-plate is made of black anodized aluminium.

Offering better cosmetic appeal, there is moderate flow restriction in order to allow for multiple GPU setups to fully reach cooling potential. GPU standoffs have been placed and are fully compliant with AMD’s reference design, pre-applied high thermal conductivity thermal pads have been placed for the memory and VR areas, thermal grease is also included with the water block.

Additionally to the water block, Swiftech have also released their CrossFireX bridges providing a convenient and elegant solution to associate with the HD7970 Komodo water block (and soon the HD 7950 series). Divided in different configurations, it is suitable for CrossFire 2, 3 or 4 cards 1.6’’ spaced as well as cards for CrossFire 2, 2.3’’ spaced.

Now available, the KOMODO-HD7970 water block is priced at $154.95, while the CrossFireX bridges are priced between $21.95 and $27.95.

For more information, please refer to the official product page: KOMODO-HD7970; CrossFireX bridge.

Source: Press Release