Super Mario 64 Recreated in Unity, Playable in Your Browser!

Super Mario 64, one of the most, if no THE most iconic 3D platform game ever created, is still as popular now as it ever was. Roystan Ross has recreated the first level from the legendary game using Unity Engine, which is impressive in its self, but what’s even cooler is that you can play it, right now!

The level is playable in your browser thanks to Unity, although you can still download a desktop version if you so desire. There’s no plans to make any more levels of the game, as this was more a technical demonstration and personal project from Roystan to show what he through a HD remake could look like.

“I currently do not have any plans to develop this any further or to resolve any bugs, unless they’re horrendously gamebreaking and horrendously simple to fix. This project is provided as-is, and you are free to use it for any purposes you like, with the exception of selling it for profit. “

Check out some gameplay in the video below, or get right into the action and play it yourself on Roystan’s blog!