Super Flower Leadex Platinum 550W Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

It certainly looks like Super Flower took their time with this one, as there’s a lot of hardware in here, but it’s beautifully spaced out and organized, which should help with the overall airflow and cooling greatly.

As we said before, the PSU has all Japanese capacitors, all rated to 105C. The main bulk capacitor is capable of up to 400v at 560uF, so I suspect we may see this unit pull more wattage than it is rated for.

There’s a huge bank of secondary voltage caps too, which again leads me to think this unit is going to be more capable that it says on the box; not that this is a bad thing.

The EM/Line filtering stage. All neat and tidy in the corner and away from any major hardware. Hopefully, the adequate spacing on the components should help reduce any noise and ripple in the power delivery.

There are a few smaller daughter boards which come vertically from the main PCB. This will help greatly with cooling each of them and there are even a few smaller finned heat sinks on each to help even further with the cooling.

There’s also a large cooling fin on the higher voltage hardware. Overall, the layout and interior design is very well executed and better than what I’m used to seeing in units rated for this wattage.

The fan is a very nice quality Globe Fan RL4Z B1252512M. The 135 mm DBB fan has automatic control and semi-passive functionality, so it should be nice and quiet.