Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Exterior

Power Supply Unit

The Leadex Gold comes with very clean aesthetics. Super Flower’s branding is subtle and the fan grille used is fairly unique and instantly recognisable as Super Flower’s own.

Should you mount the PSU fan down you’d be greeted with this label facing the window side of the case.

Mounting the fan facing upwards gives you this much nicer view.

The base is totally plain which is good for keeping your system build clean and tidy.

Around the back we find significant ventilation, a power switch, kettle lead input and a switch to control the fan mode between Auto and the default Eco setting.

At the connector end we find 9 universal modular connections and the motherboard connector. This means you can plug any modular cable into any port. The only one that has to go in a specified place is the motherboard one.


The included cables are very high quality. They are all black with some sleeving on the PCIe, CPU and motherboard cables. You get ten cables in total giving you you the following connections:

  • 6 x SATA
  • 5 x Molex
  • 1 x FDD
  • 1 x 24 pin
  • 2 x 8 Pin EPS
  • 4 x PCIe 6+2 pins

With that selection of cables you’re good to go on multi-GPU setups and even multi-CPU setups if you’re running a LGA 2011 Xeon workstation board for example.