Street Fighter Theme Song Goes Perfectly With Fight In NHL

What’s not to love about Ice Hockey? The players have skill, speed, excellent hand eye co-ordination and let’s be honest all Ice Hockey players are usually as tough as a $2 steak. The game is always super fast paced and very physically demanding, so fights are usually a normal thing. However in a recent game between the Montreal Canadians and the Dallas Stars about 4 minutes into the 2 period of play a fight broke out between Canadians winger Travis Moen and the Stars winger Antoine Roussel. Now this is not out of the norm, however the music that started playing over the PA loud-speaker wasn’t. Below is footage of the fight, go to around the 40 second mark to hear what was played over the loud-speaker.


So for those who don’t remember that music being played, it’s Guile’s theme song from the SNES version of Street Fighter. Clearly someone in the sound booth had some fun with this and it looks like Guile’s theme song can go with anything. Being a die-hard Ice Hockey fan I would love to see more fun things like this done during Ice Hockey games and would love to see more video game crossovers happen during games. Who knows maybe play the Final Fantasy VII end of battle song at the end of a fight or when someone scores a goal, now that would be entertaining. What video game songs would you like to hear played during games?

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information. 

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