Stephen Hawking Reveals His Thoughts About Artificial Intelligence

If you are thinking about a Terminator scenario when hearing the word ‘advanced artificial intelligence’, then you are not alone. Stephen Hawking makes his own predictions and states that artificial intelligence will overtake humans in just 100 years. This does not necessarily mean we will become extinct or enslaved by AI, but we do have to tread carefully when it comes to this technology.

“Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours.” Stephen Hawking stated. “Our future is a race between the growing power of technology and the wisdom with which we use it.” he added.

To put it plainly, it means that technology advances so fast that we can barely get a grip on it. This is why Hawking warns companies who deal with AI technology should take it down a notch and coordinate with others operating in the same field.

However, we may have went past that point today. Reports show that over 150 startup companies in Silicon Valley are already working on AI and more are expected to enter the latter area of research in the future too.

I tend to agree with Hawking’s last paragraph because let’s face it, in the end we will be speaking to a fully conscious machine sooner or later. But it is how we react to it and it reacts to us that will make the decisive moment.

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