Steelseries Mobile Gaming & Headphone Review

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Today I decided I would take a look at something a little different, a change of pace if you will. As many of our readers already know, we recently spent some time in Las Vegas at International CES, providing coverage of some product launches and keeping tabs on what’s hot in 2013. While we were there we managed to spend some time with the people from Steel Series, who as many of you will be aware are a premium gaming peripheral brand that make keyboards, mice, headsets and more.

Most recently SteelSeries have been tinkering with the mobile market and lets be honest, they would be mad not to. Love it or hate it, the mobile industry is booming, I’m not just talking about smartphones either, but Tablets, Phablets (I hate that term, just saying), Surfaces, Portable Games Consoles, it doesn’t matter what you choose, there are millions of digital things you can do at the bus stop that allow you to avoid talking to people.

The special thing about today’s review is that we will be taking a look, not at one product but at a range of products from SteelSeries. I must point out though that I wasn’t asked to review these items but after spending time using them since CES I felt it would be a fun review to keep myself and our readers entertained. SteelSeries were kind enough to hand out CES Survival Kits when we attended a one-to-one meeting with them and while there were stuff like stickers and coffee vouchers (see: life saver) the main items in there were a Bluetooth controller, some stick on tablet controls and a set of headphones, so lets take a look and see just what these three items had to offer.

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Yup. Mobile gaming is big $$$ nowadays and Steel Series is quick out of the gate .Although some of these products seem real gimmicky to me they’re bound to find a home in some suckers drawer.

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