Steam Chat Censors Mentioning

Steam is installed on a lot of computers, so it’s only logic for people to use the built-in instant messaging chat to talk to friends, about games but also all sorts of other things.

Last week the torrent site KickassTorrents went offline and created headlines. Naturally people were talking about this and that is where some noticed that their messages would be sent into the dark abyss when the URL was mentioned. There wasn’t any warning or notification that the message was blocked, it just disappeared.

It is unclear why steam is censoring these conversations, if it’s just a bug or intended. Other torrent sites aren’t blocked in chat, but you do get a warning that the site isn’t secure if you try to click on their links.

It makes one wonder what’s so special about KickassTorrents, but we it also shows that Steam is keeping a close eye on what people talk about.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing us with this information