Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Second Official Teaser Trailer Released!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens just got its second teaser trailer released, and it is epic! I mean, how can it not be? Star Wars fans were already hyped after J.J. Abrams announced the movie is in the works, and now an official trailer?

The trailer begins with an inspiring description of the Empire and that it has not collapsed entirely, displaying a downed imperial star destroyer ship on a desert planet. I also believe that Luke Skywalker’s voice brought tears to loyal Star Wars fans, stating that “the force is strong in my family”, “my father had it”, “I have it”, “my sister has it”.

Of course, a Star Wars movie and Skywalker is not complete with his loyal companion, R2-D2, who is displayed in a scene where Luke reaches out and comforts him after the craziness that they all faced. However, there is bound to be more of that filled with action and adventure.

At the end, the trailer displays glimpses of the cast and gives a brief description of what people should expect when the trailer will launch this Christmas holiday. Are you eager to watch the latest Star Wars movie? How can you not be? I mean, put me in a cryo stasis and wake me up when it launches!

Image courtesy of Collider