Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Details Revealed

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There is still quite some time until EA launches their Starwars Battlefront game developed by DICE and in a recent blog post DICE now revealed the amount of multiplayer levels that will be available as well as where the inspiration for some of them comes from.

The Starwars theme allows for a literary endless universe of world possibilities. DICE however wanted to create something new and of their own for the game, but it should still fit the universe and give the player a great Star Wars experience. They decided on a lava planet and named it Sullust. DICE is located in Sweden and almost around the corner is Island, the perfect scenario to get inspiration for such a place. It has a breathtaking nature that appears dead, has lava and steam erupting from the surface and one that fascinates like no other. People who have visited the place always have a hard time to describe it, it is something that has to be experienced.

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And you can do just that in the new Starwars Battlefront, at least when it comes to the experience and atmosphere. Granted, you’ll probably meet more storm troopers in the game than you would on the island itself, although I don’t know for sure.

“When the DICE team first set foot on the Icelandic surface, parts were bubbling, giving off short yet intense bursts of heat. The solid ground gently rumbled, reverberations felt from head to toe. They stood still, looking far and wide only to see eerie streams of smoke rolling across the horizon and over awkward arrangements of gigantic black rocks. The air was cool but surprisingly calm, as if life was non-existent. It was in this moment that they knew this was what players need to feel when trudging through the cold, dark, and unstable terrain of a previously unexplored planet and bringing this to Star Wars Battlefront would be one of their biggest challenges yet.”

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There is no final count on how many maps the Battlefront Missions will cover, but we now know that there will be 12 multiplayer maps upon release and that Sullust is one of them. The lush forests of Endor or the tundra of Hoth were also mentioned as new maps that will allow you to re-live your favorite moments from the films.

The game has a release date that is set for 17th November, but if recent game release history is any indication then we should expect a delay on that.

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