Spotify Not Happy With Eternify Protest App

The ability to stream a vast array of music straight to a device has grown immensely in recent times, but in doing so has irritated artists who claim to receive a small percentage of royalties in return. To highlight this, an electronic pop band by the name of “Ohm & Sport”, whose name sounds as if a Cambridge University student has just won 44 points playing Scrabble, has invented an App which plays any song on repeat for 30 seconds.

The App is called Eternify and is a direct demonstration against the paying structure of royalties by music streaming site Spotify. The App artificially generates royalties by meeting Spotify’s minimum time with which a song has to be played for it to be classed as a listened to song, in this case 30 seconds. The App also makes handy use of Spotify’s public API – Application Programming Interface which assists App developers to incorporate the streaming site’s impressive archive.

As a protest this App worked very nicely, the band requested fans play Ohm & Sports new album on repeat while they snoozed, the results garnered around $20,000 (£12,700) in royalties. Spotify Spotted this and removed the album and stated this App may have violated the terms and conditions of the site.

The App has highlighted a growing resentment towards streaming sites from artists who believe Spotify is imposing to small royalty fee. I do think there needs to be cooperation between both parties if streaming is to flourish, otherwise we will be in groundhog day for many more times to come.

Thank you BBC for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of ImoveiLive