Spencer “Fully Expects” There Will be a Next Xbox Generation

Love them or hate them, consoles have been around for decades, proven to be massively profitable when done right and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Sony and Microsoft have put on a good battle this last couple of years with their current generation of consoles, but as is always the case with the technology market, people are already starting to wonder “what comes next?”

When asked on Twitter, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said “I fully expect there will be” another generation of Xbox consoles. This isn’t that big of a surprise, but there has been some doubt over Microsoft’s place in the market in the coming years. The Xbox One launch was nothing short of a disaster, but they quickly started singing a different tune to give consumers more of what they want, which so far seems to be paying off.

Microsoft is certainly focusing on the Xbox One right now and I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a new console anytime soon, as this console generation has barely gotten started. My guess would be to save your next-gen console money for some time around 2020.