Speedlink Phantom Hawk Flight Stick Review

A Closer Look

The Phantom Hawk comes hard-wired with a 2m USB cable.

It features a wide base for extra stability and is held in place on your desk by four suction cups.

There’s an extended handle on the back of the stick; although this is mostly for aesthetics than any practical feature.

On the base of the Phantom Hawk you’ll find six programmable buttons; three on the left, three on the right.

At the top you’ll find an 8-way hat switch, the D-Pad and a single red button.

There is a throttle slider on the left front side of the base.

Finally, there are two triggers on the back of the flight stick; the top one rests under your index finger, the lower will rest under your little finger.

The suction pads are pretty standard, but more than enough to hold it in place on your desk; assuming you have a compatible surface.