Sony Says 2K Smartphones Are Not worth It – Battery Comes First

Displays have changed and evolved drastically over the last decade. Improving resolutions, pixel densities, refresh rates and colour reproduction are all key driving forces behind the massive industry. But one of the big players has just come out and said that display resolutions shouldn’t be put above performance in the mobile space – namely battery performance. We all remember a time when we lost our minds over colour backlit LCD display panels on mobiles, then came the ever marching improvements. Standard definition, high definition and now ultra high definition – when does enough become enough?

Sony has taken a different route with its latest flagship smartphone with the Xperia Z3 – and has opted not to follow LG down the QHD path. While this news may leave some a little disappointed, Sony says it’s for the better. In an interview with TrustedReviews Sony’s Director of Xperia Marketing Calum MacDougall said “ Well, there are three important reasons” as to why the Xperia range hasn’t gone QHD. Firstly, MacDougall comments that “relatively small screens [make] it is very difficult for the human eye to discern the difference between 2K and Full HD. Thinking again about user-motivated innovation, we see from the user experience point of view that the differences are minimal, particularly if you add on top our Sony TV technologies which are reason number two.”

Lastly, MacDougall states that battery life consumption is also a major factor for the decision. “If we believe that a key part of the user experience for consumers is to have a longer term battery, and if we believe we can deliver a great screen with Full HD and our Sony technologies, we don’t believe the trade-off between having a 2K screen and battery consumption is the right trade-off for a consumer.”

The question that remains for consumers is simple – would you rather have improved battery life performance across your smartphone? Or is resolution into the stratosphere more appealing to you?

Thanks to TrustedReviews for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Sony Mobile