Sony Plans a ‘4 Hour’ Project Morpheus Showcase at GDC

Sony will begin a concentrated publicity campaign for its Morpheus VR headset with a “four-hour” showcase at the Game Developers Conference in March. Weeks ahead of its E3 media conference, Sony will send representatives to the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco to brief attendees on the prospects and challenges of developing virtual reality content for PlayStation 4.

Confirmed already is a one-hour speaker session, hosted on Wednesday March 4, entitled Beyond Immersion – Project Morpheus and PlayStation. Then on Thursday, a PlayStation US representative will discuss various insights into rendering for virtual reality. Sony has also booked seats on two public developer roundtables which will discuss VR. For now, the 4 hour session has not been listed on the official GDC schedule. Sony has been contacted for confirmation on this.

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Thanks to GameSpot for this information