Sony Open PlayStation Vacancies in the UK

Virtual Reality is very much on its way, there’s no denying it. From the likes of the ‘founder’ of VR that we know today, the Oculus Rift; many other manufacturers have jumped on board to soak up some of the hyper. We know that HTC and Valve are working on a collaboration for a headset and today we are learning that Sony’s Project Morpheus is becoming a reality.

Sony has posted eight job listings for senior animators, level designers and a few other necessary roles to create a functional VR team here in the UK who will be focusing on producing VR games. “Based in the North West of England, we aim to build a small but highly experienced team who want to build great games to showcase this exciting new immersive technology,” the advertisement states. As reported by Eurogamer, the North West Studio will likely be located in Manchester, fortunately where some former Evolution staff are based.

The Evolution team, who are responsible for maintaining the Sony exclusive racing service, was cut down in staff numbers due to a number of layoffs. At the time Sony stated they wanted to relocate those members throughout the Worldwide Studios network. Reports state that the Evo studios were already working on VR games; with the new VR studio setup, those games could be finished.

Something that we’ve learnt with VR over the past few weeks and months is that VR requires an average FPS of 90 to aid in the prevention of nausea. We all know consoles tend to only push around 60FPS, so will current generation consoles be powerful enough to provide the ‘sweet spot’ for VR?

What are your thoughts on Sony officially joining the VR race? If you think you have what it takes to join the team, why not take a look at the Sony vacancy pages.

Thank you to Eurogamer for providing us with this information.