Sony Hack Revealed New Blu-Ray Protection Details

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Sony Hack Revealed New Blu-ray Protection Details

When it comes to digital content, companies both love and hate the ease at which they and others can copy and distribute content, with everything from your favourite games to the latest movies being stored in memory smaller than your finger nail. In a move to help protect their content, companies are looking at new ways to stop people from copying their content. Documentation found by Wikileaks points that Sony may be looking to take Blu-Ray protection to a whole new level.

The Blu-Ray disc association is responsible for anything to do with the format, and it would seem that they are now working on an Advance Access Content System (AACS) which would feature not just advanced cryptography in hopes of preventing people from uploading your favourite movies online, but from version 2.0 in their Ultra HD collection would require an internet connection for the “enhanced” protection.

It should be noted that the internet connection is only required for the first time you play the disc on a select device, the idea being that it would download its “key” for later use to the hardware, acting as an authorization token for playing the movie. There are also notes regarding the Digital Bridge device, a device that creates “managed copies” of your favourite movies meaning you can place it on your phone or tablet and still be protected by AACS.

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2 Comments on Sony Hack Revealed New Blu-Ray Protection Details

  • Avatar Vorlon says:

    Oh well yet another feature to punish honest customers and pirates still laughing their collective back side off. Poor b*****d corporations.

    Because of actions like this piracy will never die and rightly so!

  • Avatar Scion says:

    What stops pirates from recording a legitimate copy by using screen and audio capture hardware and then putting the pieces back together into an .mkv like normal?

    This always online BS nearly killed the Xbox brand… why do these companies not understand that frustrating the customers that DO pay is the fastest way to lose them?
    “Darn, the internet is down. I’ll go watch a movie until my ISP can fix the cables… oh wait!”

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