Solarix Version 1.1 Adds 4K Support and More!

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Solarix, the stealthy sci-fi game hit steam recently, albeit to mixed reviews. Fortunately, as any great developer should do, Pulsetense Games have been working hard to address any issues the gaming community had and while admittedly, there’s still more improvements still to come, I’m sure many of you are happy to see the first patch get released so soon after release.

We actually previewed Solarix a little while back, it’s a fun game and its dark atmosphere mixes sci-fi and horror very well.

Coding Related Notes:
  • List most common resolutions and add them all to the game code and video settings page in ascending order. (NOTE: Because of this change, if you are updating the game, and not just buying, make sure to re-adjust the resolution you want to use in the video settings page.)Here’s a list of resolutions you can set within the options page, grouped by aspect ratio: img
  • Remove forcing the last resolutions at the beginning of levels, so player can use config files for more resolutions.
  • Remove unused DD and exec functions from player controller for optimization.
  • Add fov option, min: 60, max: 120, with increments of 5.
  • Force the player’s weapon (including hands) to disregard the change of FOV, it’ll use FOV of 90 all the time.
  • Polish all the options pages, as well as confirmation UIs.
  • Make the option steppers able to affect another text field within the same UI (needed for aspect ratio text).
  • Add aspect ratio text under resolution, that updates based on the current resolution.
  • Add MaxHealthPacksAllowed to PC, so player can only carry a limited number of health packs.
  • Add MaxHealthPacksAllowed to DifficultyManager, so we can define different limits for each difficulty level. Now, player won’t be carrying too many of health packs so use them wisely.
  • Add a limit on how high the player can get using a throwable object. This should prevent flying with throwable objects.
  • Add a limit on how low the throwable object can get when you loook down. This should prevent flying with throwable objects.
  • Create a SwitchWeapon action, so we can switch the active weapon from kismet. Will implement the solution in the next patch in case some users request it.
  • Fixed not being able to fall off a ledge when crouched. THIS should prevent many of the collision errors, being stuck after you jump onto things. Now you can fall down silent if you are standing on something. Also, it fixes the “OMG! I can’t crouch while I’m going down the stairs” bug(!)
  • Changed how the logo is displayed, so changing the FOV won’t make it unreadable.

Level Design Changes & Related Notes :

  • Removed most of collision of floor objects that people tipped onto. This wasn’t a bug, it was a design choice but some users found this and presented this as if it is an error. Initially, our purpose was, within the scope of “old-school realism” make all of the objects on the floor having collisions. However, since some users deliberately showcased this as if it is an error, we removed the collisions of floor objects, so people can have “easier” time to walk on the floors. We are living in an era where users can complain about “not being able to crouch while going down stairs” so this was necessary decision we believe.
  • Fixed the slipping through containers.
  • Re-arranged some of the throwable objects in the first chapter for easier navigation.
  • Fixed the type error of “Power Cell”.
  • Adjusted lighting outside areas in chapter 2.
  • Added more hints for the puzzle in chapter 2.
  • Fixed collision errors in Chapter 3, will keep on doing so in the next patch.
  • Fixed the typo error “Incoherent” in chapter 3.
  • More optimization to chapter 6

AI Related Changes and Notes :

  • Fixed the dancing AI issue in some cases during patrol.
  • Increased peripheral vision for all of the AIs : They will have better seeing abilities now.
    Increased and randomized monster speeds : Some of them will run faster now so players won’t easily run away from them.
  • Human soldiers have much better vision now, they will be using their “laser-sights”. We added this feature already to the AI code base, but prior to release removed it since some of the “beta-testers” found the soldiers to be “very difficult” to pass by. Now, on the other hand, we have some users calling these soldiers “blind”. Hence we made this alteration.
  • Now, with the increased vision abilities, and since they will be using the laser-sights, players should be much more careful around the human soldiers.
    Human Soldiers now react to if you shoot out lights nearby them.
  • Human Soldiers’ Idle voices are less repeating now.

Now that the game has a few fixes, higher resolution support, FOV slider and more, will you be checking it out?

Solarix is currently £14.99 on Steam.

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