Snoop Dog Wants to Be Twitter’s Next CEO

Snoop Dog for Twitter’s next CEO? That’s the latest story that got our attention roaming around Twitter. We’ve seen a lot of supporters for his campaign using the hashtag ‘#ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO’ and it even got the attention of actor Orlando Jones, who also supports Snoop’s campaign.

It has been reported that the actual CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, is stepping down as CEO. Jack Dorsey is going to be appointed Interim CEO as of the 1st of July and the company is now looking for a suitable CEO. But why Snoop Dog as the next Twitter CEO? Well, TechCrunch has a good idea here.

Costolo helped Twitter go from a net value of $3 billion to $26 billion and from 30 million active users to 250 million. He basically shaped the company in the social media giant it is today. Compare that to Snoop’s success and you get the same pattern.

Snoop Dog has always followed the same business strategy found in big tech companies today. He defied what others were saying (like companies defy Wall Street), he knew who his real friends were and most importantly, he knows that winning is not the most important thing for success. This is why the old saying ‘if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it’ does not apply to both Snoop and tech companies.

The same success as Twitter had can be seen in Snoop’s personal life too. His 20 years of success in music, movies and business add a lot of potential and credibility, so we won’t really rule out the actual possibility of him ending up on the CEO chair. But what are your opinions on this story? Would you like to see Snoop Dog as the next Twitter CEO? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

Thank you Examiner, Inquisitr and TechCrunch for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of 4Music