Sniper Elite V2 Now Available On PSN In Americas

Developer Rebellion has announced today that the thrilling game, Sniper Elite V2, has finally arrived at the Sony Entertainment Network Store in the Americas. The game was originally released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2012 and hit the PSN in Europe a few months ago. It seems that it was about time for it to be released on the other side of the ocean  as well.

Rebellion, who had worked closely with publisher 505 Games to get out the retail console releases of the game, decided to take advantage of self-publishing the game on PlayStation Network. The developer states that the reason for the delay in getting the game to be available digitally on the Sony Network in the Americas was that they had “minor teething problems” in being recognized as a new publisher to the platform. The game is now available from the Sony store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.


For those Play Station users who do not currently own the game, I suggest you head on over to the PSN and scoop this up. That is if you are good friends with zoom optics, bullet physics and want to see slow motion bullet effect and bone cracking  animations (of course it is more to it than this, but just to sum it up).

Rebellion is currently working on the next installment, Sniper Elite 3, and it is expected to be released sometime in 2014 for both PC and consoles.

Thank you NextPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Image and video courtesy of NextPowerUp.