Sniper Elite 3 Rumored To Run Slower On Xbox One While PS4 Said To Boast 60 FPS

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Sniper Elite 3, the tactical shooting game and successor of Sniper Elite V2, will be launched on both next-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PC. New screenshots have been released for the upcoming title, as well as some good news for players.


Tim Jones, Rebellion Head of Design, states that the Sniper Elite 3 title has been “built from the ground up to plug all the holes in gameplay that didn’t manage to go as far as we wanted to with Sniper Elite V2.” He also mentioned some tweaks made to the game, including more stealth options, non-linear gameplay as well as new advanced weapons with weapon customization, something that was not available in any Sniper Elite titles before. The new modifications are said to be wrapped in an interesting story based on historical WW2 events


“Our fans, they really have a deep passion and understanding, not just for the weapons, but for the history as well,” Jones said. “We can’t wait ’til they get their hands on it.”


WCCF also reports that Sony PS4 players will have a slight advantage than Xbox One fans. They have learned that Sniper Elite 3 will perform better on the PS4, having the game run on 60 FPS, while the Xbox one will have a slightly less FPS count. Although, the framerate and resolution on both consoles along with its performance has not yet been officially announced or determined. Yet, it would be nice to see the game running smooth on both PS4 and Xbox One. PC specs and performance has not yet been released though.


Sniper Elite 3 will be released this year on both next-gen consoles as well as PC, however an official launch date has yet to be revealed.


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