SNES Emulator Sneaks Onto iOS App Store

Emulators are banned on the iOS App Store, but on a few rare occasions, emulators and other banned apps sneak past Apple’s reviewers and onto the store. That has happened again, this time with a SNES emulator disguised as a file manager.

Floppy Cloud just looks like a fairly innocuous file manager, but if you just so happen to load a SNES or NES ROM file into the app, you can actually play it. Touch Arcade were the first to report the hidden feature.

“It’s masquerading as a file management app, which technically lets you manage your files, but if you let it “manage” a .nes NES ROM or a .smc Super Nintendo ROM in a very special way: It’ll load right up inside of the appropriate emulator. Both iCade and MFi controllers are supported too, making this a particularly sweet find for someone who owns any kind of controller accessory.”

As Cult of Mac points out, Apple’s head offices practically completely shut down for the entire week of Christmas, meaning it could be a while before Apple gets around to deleting it.

However, if you are interested in getting some retro Nintendo action on your un-jailbroken iOS device, you I suggest you download it as soon as you can from here.

Source: Touch Arcade Via: Cult of Mac