Smartphones are now the UK’s Most Popular Web Surfing Device

Ofcom has conducted a survey into the browsing habits of UK citizens and discovered the majority of users prefer mobile devices for internet browsing. Previously, laptops held the top spot with 40% of the vote while smartphones only attributed to 22%. The 2015 results signify a major shift as 33% of people said their smartphone was the primary device to get online compared with 30% who chose a laptop. In Q1 2015, 66% of households contained a smartphone and managed to overtake laptop ownership which stands at 65%.

Interestingly, the report says smartphone users spend an average of 144 minutes browsing the internet, which is almost twice the figure of a Laptop or PC at 69 minutes. The research suggests smartphones are more of a digital companion than a communication tool. For example, 42% of those surveyed watch video clips, 21% stream TV shows, 45% engage in online shopping and 44% have setup online banking.

The largest increase stems from tablet PCs and it’s surprising to read that 54% of households now own a tablet device. Although, the growth of ultra-cheap Android tablets shouldn’t make this a shocking revelation.

Rather alarmingly, almost half (48%) of smartphone users admit to being “hooked” on a mobile phone and rate their addiction a 7 or above out of 10. The data emphasizes how revolutionary connected smart devices have become. Consumers cannot exist without checking their social media, browsing for the latest deals and watching a variety of their favourite programmes. This doesn’t mean the laptop is dead as productivity through a normal keyboard is significantly higher. However, for casual usage, the smartphone looks set to dominate.