Smart Guns To Require Confirmed Finger Print To Pull Trigger

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A US company has come up with a solution that would essentially make it impossible for a person to fire a gun, so long as they’re not the owner of that weapon and yes that does sound similar to Judge Dread to me to.

Safe Gun Technology are claiming that this technology could prevent disastrous event, or at least some of them such as the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where Adam Lanza used his mothers gun. Had that weapon been equipped with this system, he would not have been able to fire it. This isn’t to say that he wouldn’t have done something, but the company’s idea of taking a gun out of the equation can still have a massive impact on the outcome of a similar situation in the future.

By using a finger print to enable the weapon, which uses biometrics and RFID chips to configure to certain users it enables you to lock a device to a single or small set of people, effectively making stealing that weapon useless, much like the immobilize system on modern cars.

Unfortunately, there are no major investors interesting in this device and personally I think its a great idea, but it just doesn’t go far enough in terms of a solution. Fact is that even if you disable one gun, there are others out there and if someone intends to cause harm toward another, they will typically find another way of doing it, as sad as that may be.

The current technology in the devices uses quite old processors and components for the prototypes, but Charlie Miller, the Safe Gun Technology co-founder wants to see a smart gun produced within the next two months, with an upgraded prototype and even a retrofit kit within the next year or so.

It’s not a perfect system, not by a mile, but it is an interesting step and while ironically the person behind the idea is still planning on selling more guns, it’s good to see that someone is at least trying to tackle their misuse.

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