Small Victory for Kim Dotcom as Court Releases More Seized Funds

Kim Dotcom hasn’t had it easy the past years with the US authorities wanting him extradited and their seizure of his financial assets. But now he’s finally caught a little break as Justice Patricia Courtney ruled to free more of his money, allowing Dotcom to pay his past and current legal bills as well as being able to pay for his and his families normal monthly expenses; we’re not talking small money here.

Previously the authorities argued that Kim Dotcom had his trust from which he could pay his expenses, but the truth is that he can not access this money at the moment. The trusts major assets is its shareholding in Mega Ltd that is said to be worth more than $22 million USD, but these can not be sold as that is blocked by the scheduled listing of Mega.

So how much money is he getting? First he gets $3 million for legal expenses where half will go to pay the old bills and the other half for his future battle against extradition. His famous mansion costs around $60 thousand a month, but leaving it and moving to a more reasonable accommodation would result in even higher costs and as such the judge also freed $754,000 per year for these expenses. Dotcom will also get $18,850 per month for staff costs and $15,000 for food, clothing, and the general care of him and his family.

Thank you TorrentFreak for providing us with this information