How Siri Can Help you Locate The Owner of a Lost Phone

These days, the three major mobile operating systems all ship with their own ‘personal assistants’. Windows Phone has Cortana, Android has ‘Ok Google’, and iOS of course has Siri.

The artificial intelligence behind these systems is so complex, that many hidden features are regularly being found by users. Thanks to OS X Dailya new feature of Apple’s Siri has been discovered that could go a long way in helping someone track down the owner of a lost iPhone or iPad.

Simply by asking “Whose phone is this?” or “Who owns this iPhone?”, Siri will give you the contact details of the owner – all from the lock screen, so you don’t need to know the passcode to get this vital information.

The thing is, if you ask “Whose iPhone is this?” or any other similar question that is not identical to the two above, you won’t get that information. It seems that this may not be a feature we’re meant to see yet, as it is not yet currently documented officially by Apple and its poor integration with Siri’s UI suggests that it may well be something for a future software update.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly a thoughtful feature, one that no doubt will be fully integrated as time goes on.

Source: OS X Daily