Simpsons Intro Recreated in Minecraft is Full of Win!

Minecraft is a global sensation, although that’s hardly breaking news unless you’ve had your head buried in the ground for the last few years! The modding community for Minecraft is a productive bunch, creating everything from word processors, to an iPhone with apps, to the entirety of Denmark, oh and let’s not forget how rich it made its creator Notch.

There’s a joke about how the Simpsons has done everything already, but now it seems Minecraft has done everything, going as far as recreating the intro scene to the much-loved TV series, the Simpson.

While not as smoothly animated as the TV show, it no doubt took a lot of work to get this setup and put it together. So for those of you out there still tinkering away at the world of Minecraft, creating these marvelous things, thank you for being so awesome!

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