SilverStone Wireless Upgrade Roundup Review

Test Procedure

For comparison purposes, I’ll be using SilverStone’s ECWA1 mPCI-E Adapter and ECW02 mPCI-E 802.11ac that I’ve reviewed not long ago and use those default antennas as a baseline comparison. I will then switch one of them out with an aftermarket, one at a time, for comparison tests. SilverStone sadly only sent me one of each, so I’ll pair that one with a default antenna in each test.

The dual band antenna will be tested on both bands while the single band naturally only can be tested on the 2.4GHz band. I’ll be using both static and variable package sizes to simulate as many conditions as possible.


We would like to thank our sponsors for supplying us with the equipment needed to perform these tests.


  • PassMark PerformanceTest Suite