SilverStone Wireless Upgrade Roundup Review

Magnetic Base WAB1B

The SilverStone WAB1B is a circular magnetic antenna base for remote placement of your antennas in relation to the network card. The WAB1B magnetic antenna base has a standard SMA plug RP connection on both ends, the stand itself and on the end of the 1.5-meter long cable that connects to your wireless network card instead of the antennas.

With the magnetic abilities of the antenna stand, you can easily place them on the side of your chassis for front placement or you can just use them normal on your desk or a shelve. The WAB1B is easily strong enough to keep the stand and even the largest aftermarket antenna I’m testing here today up.

Both of the two connectors, the one on the stand and the one on the cable, are gold-plated for optimal connection and the cable used between the two is a low loss CLF 100 rated one.

Feature Highlights

  • Circular magnetic base
  • Low loss CLF100 cable with gold-plated SMA jack RP
  • 150cm cable length


Package and Accessories

The package isn’t large because it doesn’t need to be, but it is still beautifully designed. The front shows the device itself as well as the feature highlights.

On the rear the whole thing is repeated in multiple languages.

The one side has all the specifications including weight, dimensions, and features.

And the other side has a small introduction text on how it can be useful.

Inside is only a small leaflet with the warranty terms and conditions aside from the magnetic base itself.