Silverstone Tundra TD02-Slim AIO Cooler Review

A Closer Look

While it may feature a slim design, the TD02-Slim looks like most other AIO coolers. The hoses are pretty standard in design, but they’re of a good length, so it should be just as good in a large chassis, as well as those with limited space.

The CPU block looks great, with a huge contact plate that will provide excellent coverage over your CPU of choice.

Two thing that should really help the installation process, the swivel mounts for the pipes and the pre-installed Intel brackets. Of course, that last one isn’t much help to AMD users, but it’s only a couple of screws to change the bracket over.

The pump has a really nice design, with angled edges and a mixture of textured surfaces and glossy finishes that help give it a more premium look.

The radiator is certainly quite thin, which is going to be perfect for those with limited chassis space, but since it still has a 240mm width, it still packs plenty of surface area to allow for high-end cooling.

Just 22mm thick!