SilverStone Strider Platinum ST55F-PT 550W Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

There’s certainly a lot going on in here, but with this being such a compact unit, Silverstone has made great use of the space and there’s even a little to spare towards the rear heat exhaust, which should help with cooling.

The main bulk capacitor is a high-quality unit, with 400v and 390uf at 105c.

To save space, there are several daughter boards mounted vertically, this allows them to get more hardware into the smaller form factor and will also help keep these components cool. There’s also a pair of cooling fins to help cool some of the caps and boards here.

The line filtering at the back is nicely shielded, and it looks like we’ve got some got some sensors here to help with ripple in the power delivery.

The front connector PCB is covered with a protective film, and all major cables are covered with wraps on the solder to prevent damage or any electrical shorts/interference. On close inspection, the soldering looks neat and tidy too; it’s clear this is a well-designed high-quality unit.

Any excess cables are kept tightly bundled to the side, away from any major power hardware that requires airflow, something that will no doubt help this unit run passively in low-load scenarios.

Finally, we have a Fluid Dynamic Bearing 120mm fan from Globe Fan, with seven large fins that should allow for some significant airflow, even at low RPM.