SilverStone Released SUGO SG12B Chassis

SilverStone’s Sugo series has set new standards for small form factor cases and things aren’t any different with the newest member to the family. The new SilverStone Sugo SG12 features a classic shoebox design, but impresses with the amount of hardware that you can put inside.

The SG12 can accommodate many standard sized components such as ATX power supply, it has room for graphics cards up to 14.5 inches, and CPU coolers with a height of up to 82mm.


The SG12 features a 120mm intake fan on the side and can take 80mm fans on the rear and top. You’ll get four expansion slots and the ability to mount mATX motherboards, but the real surprise of this case is in the amount of drives that you can mount.

There are one exposed 5.25-inch drive bay and three internal 3.5-inch drive bays that are compatible with 2.5-inch drives. The amazing part comes in the form of 2.5-inch drive bays of which there are nine. That’s a lot a drives in a tiny case.

The recommended End User price is set to €85.60 excl. VAT and the SST-SG12B will be available on the 27th of May.

Special Features:

  • Built-in handlebar design for easy transport
  • Support graphics cards of any length
  • Ample space for CPU cooling (82mm in height)
  • Micro ATX motherboard & ATX PSU compatible
  • Cleanly styled SFF chassis with modernized layout
  • Amazing capacity for 2.5” drives