Silverstone Raven RVX01 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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The Silverstone Raven series has long been established as one of the most-unique chassis ranges on the market, offering a range of products that suit slim Mini-ITX system builds, right up to high-end full-tower systems. One thing is for certainly, all of the Raven series chassis to date have been mighty impressive, both in terms of design and functionality and that’s a trend I hope to see continued today.

“After completing the evolutionary RAVEN RV05 with 5.25” drive bay design completely removed, the RAVEN team created another forward thinking line of cases with the introduction of the “RAVEN X” subcategory. This line will not only retain the essence of what made the original RAVEN series great with features such as signature aggressive styling and 90 degree rotated layout, but also cater to enthusiasts looking for more exciting designs in an entry-level price point. With the smallest ever footprint for a ATX RAVEN tower case, the RVX01 has remarkably accommodating interior that can easily fit large ATX motherboards up to 12” x 11”, full size graphics card, four 2.5”/3.5” drives, and spaces for up to three radiators.” – Silverstone

The RVX01 is not only the latest gaming chassis from their Raven series, but it’s also one of the most interesting. Not only is it designed to be more affordable, it’s also the smallest, but with that in mind, it still promises are premium chassis experience and support for some serious high-end hardware. Affordable, well made, good looks and great compatibility… sounds pretty perfect to me!

  • Signature RAVEN styling touches
  • 90 degree motherboard mounting from legendary RAVEN RV01
  • Three 120mm Air Penetrator fans included for sublime vertical air cooling
  • Positive pressure design for excellent cooling/quietness and dust-prevention
  • Quick access filter for convenient maintenance
  • Support up to three sets of liquid cooling radiators

There are three colour options available, red, blue and green. You’ll also find enclosed and windowed panel variants of each also, giving you plenty of variety to choose from overall. There’s room for up to an ATX motherboard, ATX PSU, monster sized 13.7-Inch expansion cards, tall CPU coolers and while there is room for fans, there’s a very impressive trilogy of Silverstones 120mm Air Penetrator fans pre-installed!


The chassis certainly make a visual impact when you first set eyes on it. The panels are coated with a stealthy black, which blends in perfectly with the matte finish black plastics. A mixture of extreme angles give it an aggressive appearance, but it still manages to look fairly refined at the same time.


We obviously have the black and red variant at our disposal today and while we don’t have the window panel (which is a real shame), it would be located here on the right side panel, as this chassis employs a rotated motherboard design.


The front panel keeps that aggressive at full power, with more strong angles and two LED lights mounted in an angular and almost evil eyes fashion.


Tucked into the top of the front panel, a pair of control switches for the power and reset. They’re just made from a cut-away in the plastics, which is a little bit of a cheap way of doing it, but they work and if it saves costs to the consumer, it’s not so bad. There’s an I/O panel with dual USB 3.0 ports and HD audio jacks.


Around the back, you’ll notice a distinct lack of a standard I/O port for the motherboard, as that is located on the top of the chassis. Instead, you’ll find a ventilated section for the PSU air intake.


On the base of the chassis, there’s a lot going on, as we’ve got that lovely bright red trim and four large and durable rubber grips on the feet.


Those big feet provide ample ground clearance for a full-length slide-out dust filter, behind which you’ll find a wall of superb quality Air Penetrator fans. These fans can push a mighty amount of air with minimal noise, which is obviously what you want for a chassis fan!




The top panel can be removed by two thumb screws at the back, and behind it, you’ll find what looks like a fairly standard rear panel. There’s room for seven expansion slots, six of which feature snap-off covers, and the top one is reusable, a 120mm fan mount, motherboard I/O and finally, the PSU mount.


The side panels can be removed by undoing two screws on the top panel, allowing you to lift them out and access the chassis interior. It looks a little cramped here, but there’s quite a good amount of space, and there’s a large cut-out behind the motherboard to help with mounting your CPU cooler. There’s a metal panel crossing the front edge of this side, which can be used for mounting additional 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives,


Located in the bottom rear of the chassis, two slide-in 3.5″ hard drive mounts.


The rear panel comes off in the same way, showing a little space towards the back via some cut-outs, but there’s virtually no cable routing space here. You may get a SATA cable of fan cable routed, but that’s about it.


the front panel can be pulled off too, not that there’s much reason to do so apart from the rare time you really want to get every dark corner a good cleaning.



Complete System

This chassis is a bit of an oddball in terms of layout, especially for those coming from a normal motherboard orientation design. Despite this rotated design and the metal panel in the way, it was surprisingly easy to work with and you don’t have to be a system building pro to work your way through it.DSC_5618

There’s a little space behind the PSU for excess cables, although how much room you have will vary dependant on your PSU of choice. There’s no real cable management on this chassis, but there are a few points throughout where you could cable tie any trailing cables if needed.


The GPU clearance is impressive, with room for virtually any high-end card on the market, with the exception of certain models that require larger water cooling radiators. There’s also plenty of room for a multi-GPU configuration and with those three 120mm fans blowing right up into the card, cooling is going to be really great too.


There’s loads of room in the bottom of the chassis too, and you could cram some excess cables here. Obviously, I wouldn’t put too many as you’ll block the airflow from the fans, but there’s a guard on the blades, so cables shouldn’t get jammed in there or cause any damage.


The HDD panel on the side works well enough, just your 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive directly to it with the screws provided.


The top of the chassis has a good mount of ventilation, but you can add an extra fan as an exhaust if you needed it.


Just behind the PSU is a handle, although it also serves as the cable pass through, so that all the wires for your power, monitor and peripherals still come out at the back of the chassis, not the top.


All panels back in place and the RVX01 looks just as great as it did when we took it out of the box.


If you look closer, you can just about make out the rear of the GPU and other components through the top panel mesh.


This chassis may be cheaper than previous models in the Raven serious, but it certainly doesn’t look it! A great option for a gaming system and the red trim really does look great against the matte blacks.



Final Thoughts


The Silverstone Raven RVX01 is available from Scan Computers for a very reasonable £64.99 for the non-windowed version, the very same one we reviewed today. The windowed version isn’t much more, at just £68.95. That’s a strong place to be for a stylish gaming chassis, but great value for money given the design and the three high-quality fans which come pre-installed.


I absolutely love this chassis, although I must admit that it isn’t exactly perfect, I can see why Silverstone have made certain design choices to help balance the overall price and practicality of the RVX01. I like a chassis that I can quickly open and clean, maintain, remove and install hardware in, but the RVX01 isn’t quite one of them. To get in, you need to remove the top panel thumb screws, then that panel, then it’s time to get out the screwdriver and lift the panels out; hardly a deal breaker, but a little more cumbersome that I’m used to. On the interior, there’s a huge hard drive mounting panel fixed in place, which is handy for drives, but it leaves little moving room inside for installing your hardware, of course, there’s just enough room to do so. Decisions like this have their plus side though, as they’re design to reduce the size of the chassis, and there’s no doubt that the RVX01 is the smallest Raven mid-tower to date. The fact this chassis can mount a pair of high-end and extra-long graphics cards, a good size CPU cooler, a full ATX PSU and more, given its compact size, is certainly impressive.

The price is certainly a big win for the RVX01, given that previous entries in the Raven series have commanded prices in the triple figures, and overall the design is still on par with previous entries, as this is one fantastic looking chassis. I would quite happily have this as my own for a gaming build and even better that the windowed model is only little more expensive, making it perfect for showing off your shiny new graphics cards.

The cooling setup is obviously focused on air vs water, but that’s no bad thing. With a bottom to top airflow design, it benefits from the fact that heat rises. Three powerful and rather superb fans cover the entire base of the chassis, blowing air right through the graphics cards and other hardware, finally exhausting the heat at the top of the chassis. Three fans aren’t cheap, so having them all pre-installed adds to the overall value.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Great gaming-focused design
  • Bottom to top airflow design
  • Three high-quality fans pre-installed
  • Three colour options available
  • Support for large graphics cards
  • Dust filters


  • Installation can be a little tricky (but you typically only have to do it once anyway)
  • Not a huge amount of storage bays
  • Limited cable management

“The Silverstone RVX01 is one of the best looking and more compact gaming chassis in its class, but it can still handle a high-end gaming rig, with some not so compact graphics cards. A perfect start to any high-end gaming system at a very reasonable price.”


Silverstone Raven RVX01 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Thank you Silverstone for providing us with this sample.

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